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Born to Adorn


Founded by model Madi Edwards, Kapri Jewels held its 2020 debut with signature style. With a vision for evoking an insatiable appetite to creating everyday pieces as wearable fashion, her collections are designed for women, the world over.

Drawing on her love for jewelry and a global career in fashion, Madi sought to create moments that make moments; through timeless pieces that reimagine style and transcend all occasions. Carefully curated to inspire and evoke the inner femme within us all, every piece is designed to promote passion, independence, empowerment and creativity.

With a dedication to the needs of the girl grown up, Kapri represents a freedom of choice and contemporary living. Produced for affordability and versatile options, each collection is reflective of quality craftsmanship and the desire to add a statement of dreamy to the everyday.

A message from THE founder:

Hi my sweet angels! If you are reading this, than that means you have made it to my little baby, Kapri Jewels. I created Kapri to not only make women feel empowered, stylish and confident but in the hopes to also bring you creativity, inspiration and joy. No outfit is complete unless you are dripping in jewels! I hope when you babes wear Kapri you'll feel like a queen today and forever xx